• Acquire
    Docs4ECM Scan
    Powerful document acquiring solution for all your documents:

    • Support for multiple business processes
    • Work with local devices
    • Scanning through MFPs or network scanners
    • Email importing with attachments
    • Priority and bandwidth control
    • ... more
  • Recognize
    Docs4ECM ID & OCR
    Optical recognition and transformation of business documents:

    • Automatic classification of documents - barcode and layout
    • Image processing and enhancements
    • ID cards OCR - MRZ and complete OCR (signature, user image)
    • Payment orders OCR - barcode and complete OCR
    • ... more
  • Sign
    Docs4ECM Sign
    A full suite of signature solutions for your digital transformation!
    • Signing on a local station or server signing
    • PDF file manipulation support (PDF/A conversion)
    • Managing certificates over HSM devices
    • ... more
  • Import
    Docs4ECM Print
    Docs4ECM Print not as an output but as an input for all your digital documents!
    • Control printing from desktop and web applications with a virtual printer.
    • Automatic format conversion (like ESC/P output to PDF etc..)
    • automatic import in Docs4ECM client for classification
    • ... more
  • Integrate
    Docs4ECM API
    Docs4ECM supports a REST API available to developers for easy integration with
    their applications:
    • Work with local devices like scanners, printers, signature screens or
      card readers
    • Full support for SCOM monitoring
    • SCCM distribution for easy installation
    • ... more

Use Docs4ECM to Scan Recognize Sign Store Business Documents.

The most complete Document Acquiring solution on the market Docs4ECM

Providing a handful of features at an affordable price.
Docs4ECM provides features to capture, display, process, clean-up, edit and print documents within different business processes. It provides support for scanning physical paper documents as well as working with digital electronic documents. Delivered as a client or API package it is an ideal tool for any size of Enterprise in need of a unified document capture solution. Designed form the start with ease of capture from any source, Docs4ECM supports scanning, barcode recognition, automatic document separation and classification, metadata indexing, data validation, OCR and much more.. Toped with integration to all major Data Capture platforms and ECM systems it's the perfect tool for your Business operations.

Optimize your capture cost

Unify your document processing

Increase your productivity


1. Acquire from any source

With Docs4ECM you can easily get your documents from any application, email, scanner, MFP device, virtual printer or file system. Docs4ECM supports any TWAIN compatible scanner and has numerous features for electronic documents. Work with the same solution for electronic as well as physical documents.


MFP device

Signature screens

Flatbed scanners

Watched folders

Virtual printers



2. Manage and Process

Docs4ECM helps you process documents, split or merge them, classify them by entering custom meta-data, validate them, convert them or even digitally sign them. Easily configure and control multiple scan profiles with duplex scanning, auto deskew, color corrections, automatic classification, and many other features.

Barcode Separation
Metadata indexing
DB and API lookups
Form validation
Different scanner profiles
Format conversion
Full text OCR
ID and Payment forms OCR
Digital signatures
Electronic signatures

3. Route and store

Send documents to multiple destinations like various ECM platforms: Microsoft Office365, SharePoint, EMC Documentum, Alfresco, MoRe, Officepoint and many others. Integrate scanning with Data Capture platforms like Kofax and Captiva or customize to your existing system through email, file system or your own API services.


Acquire documents directly from and to your DMS platforms (Sharepoint, Alfresco, Office365 …)

Easily obtain documents directly from and into your DMS. Users don′t have to leave their workspace and can seamlessly work in their DMS environment, and directly upload scanned or capture documents!

Connect to various Data Capture (Kofax, Captiva …) and ECM platforms

Lower your scanning expenses and use Docs4ECM as an input application for your existing Data capture platforms (Kofax, Captiva …) or ECM platforms like SharePoint, MoRe (Alfresco), OfficePoint etc. Keep server functionalities and replace scanning clients with Docs4ECM and achieve significant yearly savings.

Integrate with your environment and customize to your needs

With regard to specific client environments Docs4ECM system places major emphasis on the various ways of integration with heterogeneous software systems and hardware components. One such example is the ability to fully integrate digital and electronic signatures in a way that scanned documents can be immediately after creation signed with a digital certificate or sent for signing on the electronic signing screen with real time feedback on the status of signature.