Docs4ECM API provides a REST API to eliminate clients worries about the structure of the API. Rather, the API provides whatever information client needs to interact with the service and the corresponding devices. Docs4ECM API provides features like: PDF, document imaging, image processing, forms processing, scanning, barcoding, importing, signing, OCR, local device control and much more.

Work with local devices like scanners, printers, signature screens or card readers

Docs4ECM API enables users to easily control local devices without worrying about configuration, installation and settings. Simply call the action you want completed from your application and the Docs4ECM will handle initialization, settings, communication and, at the end, deliver the required results.
  • API support for scanners
  • API support for signature screens
  • API support for printers and virtual printers
  • API support for card readers

Full support for SCOM monitoring

All Docs4ECM components support technical monitoring through the Microsoft System Center Operations Manager.
  • Monitor application and server availability
  • Monitor resources consumption
  • Monitor technical environment specifics

SCCM distribution for easy installation

With full support for deployment via Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager installation becomes a breeze.
  • Bundled MSI for deployment
  • Silent installation on clients
  • Support for additional custom components