Docs4ECM Sign is a full suite of client and server components for implementing digital and electronic signatures with biometric data into your applications. Organizations can achieve significant cost savings on printing, transporting, handling and scanning paper documents as the entire process is handled in electronic form. With support for stationery or mobile use for document signing, organizations can optimize business operations in the branch office or on the field by eliminating paper from business processes.


Docs4EMC Sign solution is based on highest-level security standards and is adapted for work in various industries including telecommunications, financial industry, public administration and many others. The use of the solution is legally compliant and has already been approved by organizations that regulate implementation of electronic documents and electronic signatures.

  • Each individual document and included handwritten electronic signature(s) is protected using qualified digital signature(s) in order to demonstrate the authenticity and integrity of the document and handwritten signature.
  • Electronically signed documents are instantly delivered to a trusted electronic archive, where timestamping technology and strong encryption methods are applied to prolong the validity of electronic signatures and protect documents' integrity on a long-term basis.
  • Support for digital sealing/signing certificates (which include private keys) managed in a High Security Module (HSM).

Supported HW

Docs4ECM Sign platform is hardware independent and supports the use of various types of signature devices like:

  • signature pads
  • signature screens
  • tablet PCs
  • smartphones
  • personal devices (HTML5 signatures)

Format conversion

Docs4ECM Sign format Converter is a format converter solution that converts all popular file formats to PDF and PDF/A, which are suitable for signature scenarios. It addresses various requirements in the field of conversion, in particular:

  • Making documents archivable (MS Word to PDF and docx to pdf)
  • Fulfilling standards (ISO) and security requirements
  • Long term archiving

Legal validity

Electronic signatures created with the Docs4ECM solution are legally compliant according to:

  • Directive 1999/93/EC on a Community framework for electronic signatures
  • Electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS)
  • Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN)
  • Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and many more

Trusted Electronic Archive

In order to preserve legal value, all electronic documents including electronically signed documents, must be stored and preserved in a trusted electronic archive.

  • Both authenticity and integrity of an electronic document may downgrade if not properly protected.
  • Validity of an electronic signature is compromised if not securely maintained.
  • Trusted electronic archiving is not only legally binding but also enables the optimization of business processes with fast, secure and cost effective document access.
An example of a trusted electronic archive is MoRe, which offers full support for specialized CAS HW like EMC Data domain and EMC Centera.
With support for backup, physical and electronic security, access control and the use of most advanced encryption techniques, MoRe ensures that electronic documents are securely stored and electronic signature validity is maintained for the complete retention period.
Using a trusted electronic archive service is secure, reliable, cost efficient, and user friendly.

It introduces business documentation management without the need to implement complex and costly infrastructure that will protect electronic documents based on strong encryption methods and PKI infrastructure.